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Website created on: 17 october 2023, hosted by Neocities

last update: "24 august 2023"

Welcome to the sonic realm of Electroblasphemy, where rhythms collide, boundaries disintegrate, and eardrums quiver until it bleeds. Prepare yourself to journey through a mind-altering fusion of inspired Gore Anime extravagance, 8bit of retro gaming sound and the relentless force of grindcore. But beware! This is not for the faint-hearted. The Electroblasphemy on pushing the boundaries of auditory possibility, always striving to unearth the most violent and raw sounds capable of leaving signed your eardrums permanently. Each track acts as an aural portal, offering a glimpse into an epileptic world where sound is both a weapon and a refuge. Visit my website and quench now your thirst for sonic mayhem.

new release Complex Sound Pain [2024]

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